Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wishing that I'd made an easier 101 list

I was thinking this week while looking at other's 101 lists that mine has some pretty huge tasks on it. Probably the most daunting of all is cleaning out my dad's house. Well, I guess that would be my house. There are just so many small steps to doing it that I would've made it seem less... well... daunting. For those that don't know, my dad was a hoarder, and he also lived in filth. He's the most intelligent man I've ever known, but his genius was not in cleaning or giving things away, that's for sure. He was so obsessed with finding good deals and not shopping for things new (except for certain high-tech gadgets and instruments) that he probably spent more money on buying multiples of everything just in case one broke, or wow, look at this... it's only $20... they cost $200 new - I MUST have it! Not to mention the case of the cut in half flip-flops. Please people...
1. Have a Will, or at least make your wishes known should you meet an untimely demise.
2. Make it easy to find important documents in your house.
3. Keep your house in working order.
4. Do your dishes at least once a week.
5. Try to keep your home free of dead rats.
6. When the ceilings start caving in and you have buckets collecting water around, please fix the roof. (I guess that goes with #3)

Oh, there are so many others... but I need to stop my rant now. Anyway, I didn't want anyone to think that I was "slacking" on my list... a lot of the problems I'm having now are time-oriented. Not to mention the incredible cost of some items on my list. I mean...

Buy a house, buy an original piece of artwork, complete my AA degree, buy a Bose sound dock station, Get my tattoo removed, Go to HMI, Go on a Caribbean Cruise, Have my teeth professionally whitened, Learn to fly, See the Redskins at home & away vs Cowboys, Weekend trip to Europe, visit Nancy in Australia, try laser hair removal, Visit: winery in CA, France, Key West, Lake Tahoe, etc.

Yeaaaaaaah. Estimated cost of these items: well... it depends on the cost of the house, really. But we'll just go with the downpayment that I'm planning on... around $30k. Hmm. Well, of the items I listed, I could see those all costing around at least $45k. And I would also imagine that I'll be paying for a wedding in the next 2 years as well. So...... yeah. Some of these are going to have to be trimmed down, I imagine. I just can't afford it... even with the free/reduced airfare, it ain't gonna be cheap.

Anyway, back to my baby steps wish. Sigh. Yeah. I wish that I'd put more in here about organization... I'm planning on renting a storage place so I can move some of the things out of the house in Denton that I'm keeping. This will also come in handy for all of the camping crap that we now have... and I'm also planning on sorting through those lovely school books and putting those in storage as well. My grand plan is for us to have more shelving when we buy a house so that I can have a wall of knowledge. Right now our DVD's are taking over our lovely IKEA bookshelf thing and we have no DVD rack... so I ordered one that should fit nicely by the wine tower.

Well, I'm just procrastinating... right now I need to be doing an assignment for my computer class, so I guess I'll get to it. Bonne nuit!

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Jennifer Shylanski said...

Don't worry about not getting to your list. You are the busiest person I know and your doing something positive with your life. Even if that's not cleaning the Denton house out (at the moment) or going on a cruise. Your going to college, getting a degree. Most people don't ever do this!

I will admit I do enjoy reading your blog. Remember I have a tad bit more free time on my hands. I wish I was busier, but alas this where my job plays a role and I did pick a few easy things to list.

Your doing more then some of your friends! :)