Wednesday, October 17, 2007

#95 Completed and an update on where I stand with some other items on the list

I've been typing this for probably the past week - working on it whenever I think about it, but didn't get a chance to post it until tonight. And of course I should be working on my ridiculous pile of homework instead!!

13. Complete my AA degree

I was hoping to finish this in the spring, but my plans have been foiled by the lack of an intermediate algebra class being offered during the winter mini-semester. I also found out that once you get into the remedial algebra classes, you can't re-take the accuplacer test. Of course, I feel like I'm finally getting algebra, and would be able to do fine in a regular college algebra class now (with perhaps a bit more studying)… but alas, it was not to be. Nothing my advisor or anyone else can do. I figure that I've already harassed one department head this semester, I guess I'll leave the math department head alone. At least I'm making progress! Right now I have a 3.8.. I'm hoping to get up to a 3.9gpa by the time I graduate. I'm still pissed at myself for screwing up my 4.0. My rationale at the time (for not being too upset) was that I was bound to get less than an A when I began my math and science courses. Of course, I have a nearly perfect score in my math class - I got a 99 on my first test, and a 100 on my second. I'll get my 3rd test back tomorrow, but I'm guessing that although it was difficult and time-consuming, I will most likely get an A on it as well.

34. Go through old class books & notebooks (throw out or give away the ones I don’t need anymore)
I began this process last weekend (10/7) while Brian and I were straightening up for company. I have a habit of diving into side projects while on larger cleaning ventures, and I began going through notebooks and school books while dusting the shelves of our giant bookcase/DVD-CD storage/junk place. I've come to the realization that it's going to be hard to part with a lot of the information. A lot of the crap is from my psych classes, and actually is a) interesting stuff and b) will most likely come in handy further along in my education for reference material. So I'm afraid that this project will be stalled, or will be checked off just from my inability to get rid of the stuff. Just as long as I don't turn into my dad, I'll be okay. I don't seem to have a problem getting rid of old shoes & clothing, at least. I'll also dispose of old novels that I've read.. I just need to get back into selling stuff here and there on eBay. I probably should've made it a goal to sell 1 item a month on eBay.
48. Hike Old Rag
I wanted to hike Old Rag this weekend (10/20), but when I brought it up, Brian reminded me of how stressed out I am and how I keep making plans when I can't handle them. Not to mention the cost of staying at a B&B for a night or two, plus food out, etc. Not to mention the horrific shape that I'm in at the moment… an 8 or 9 mile hike might do me in! Of course instead of hiking Old Rag, I believe that we are now going to the Renaissance Festival. Fine with me, I've been wanting to go this year!
51. Learn French (enough to be able to get through a day in Paris unassisted)
Well… this is going……. Hmm. Well, a little bit better. Despite my teacher's initial best efforts to get us all to drop the class, a lot of us hung in there, and I do feel that I've learned something since we started. It's not entirely her fault; she's never taught before, et le livre est terrible! See, I'm learning something… I didn't even have to look that up. To go along with #91, we are planning a weekend in Paris (12/8 & 9), which is incidentally the weekend before my final exams. I think that French immersion right before a French final exam is probably the best study guide I can get!

52. Learn to fly (complete a solo)
I've begun my journey. I now have logged 1.1 hours dual time in a Cessna 172. I only felt like I might vomit once, and I think it had more to do with my hangover than the actual flying.. Well, maybe it was a combination of the two. Brian is completing his CFI renewal online… I thought he was being sweet and doing it just so that he could teach me, but it turns out that he doesn't want all that money spent on his CFII & MEI ratings to go down the drain. So much for chivalry! For the meantime, flying is going to have to take a backseat to school. Before taking my second lesson, I'd like to have begun reading Jeppesen's Private Pilot… hangover also wasn't much help when he was trying to explain why the plane yaws to the left after take-off (aka the 4 left turning tendencies). Terms such as P-factor and torque reaction don't mean much during your first flight.. Well, I hadn't done my homework, either. Yeah, I was a little nervous. He treated me like a real student, and I don't know if I liked that so much! Next time I'm going to have to take off on my own. He said that ALL of his students take off on their second lesson. Next time I'm going to be prepared. At least a little.

72. Sell Denton house
Well, selling will happen after the clean-out. I keep saying it, but I'm going to hire professional help somewhere down the line. It's getting a little worse, because the plumbing isn't working now, either. Joy! Just thinking about having to go through all of that exhausts me and freaks me out. I'm going to begin by renting a storage unit.. We're running out of room at the apartment anyway. Buying the camping stuff pushed us over the edge.. There are a lot of boxes in the spare closet of the bedroom, and we can't put anything else in there. There's about an entire box of photos in there that I just don't have the energy to go through. I'm leaving some of my large projects for whenever Brian is gone for upgrade training. I figure that I'll be getting a lot done while he's gone, just to stay busy.

75. Send Anthony a wedding present/card
I was all ready to do this when I realized that I don't have his address. So I've emailed him to ask for his address. I should also make it a point to finally meet his wife.

91. Visit France (with Brian this time)
Brian and I should be spending the weekend in Paris on Dec. 8 & 9. It's all for academic reasons, of course - I'm studying for my final exam in my French class. ;) Actually, I'm/we're hoping to meet up with my Aunt Nancy & Uncle Darryl (from Australia) on that weekend. They've never met Brian, so that will be cool. Nancy is like a female version of my dad, only with more common sense, and certainly more fashion sense! Sorry Dad - I know that you'd agree, and wouldn't care either! Hopefully their laid-back travel style will rub off on Brian a little. We've agreed to limit the touristy stuff to the Eiffel Tower and L'Arc de Triumphe. There won't be enough time for the Louvre, although it's something I'd like to see eventually. When I went last time, I only saw the Eiffel Tower from a distance, kinda wanted to wait until we could see it together to go up in it. We're planning on eating in the restaurant there… it's expensive, but what the hell. We're paying next to nothing for airfare, so we can splurge elsewhere. Keeping my fingers crossed that all works out well for this trip… Christmas comes first, this trip second. Brian says that he's already going to miss Easter next year (we're planning the cruise for that week), so he needs to do holidays this year. Although I like the holidays and enjoy spending time with family, I would trade Christmas to see my aunt in Paris. Guess that goes with the whole family theme. We were never big (at least my dad wasn't) on celebrating actual holidays…we had a Christmas poinsettia instead of a tree plenty of times.

95. Visit Lehigh Valley, PA area to see if I might like to live there (changed from San Antonio, TX to Lehigh Valley, PA on 9/12/07)
We got to visit the Lehigh Valley area on September 16th, looked at some houses that were for sale in some different neighborhoods. We'd really like to live in Easton, PA… there's a community there called the Highlands that looks perfect for us. It has a mix of townhouses & single family homes, some built in the late 70's, but they are still developing some land there as well… most of the housing was built from 1985-2000. It's an interesting community. Easton seems like an up & coming area, and best of all, it is the birthplace of PEEPS!! Okay, I'm a dork. Anyway, there are lots of good colleges in the area… Penn State Lehigh Valley campus is about 30 minutes away, Lafayette College is 10 minutes away… there's also Lehigh University about 15-20 minutes away. I'm sure there are a few others close by as well. My company also has an office in Bethlehem, which would be a 15 minute drive to work - better than my current 45+ minute drive into Baltimore.

So that is where I stand at the moment! Another post coming soon - I have something else to check off.

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Jennifer Shylanski said...

I seriously thought you were slacking on your list. I was starting to think that I was the only friend who still keep up with it. Glad to see that your not just cramming for school, but your actually doing other things as well.