Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally some updates!

I'm just copying and pasting from this... wrote it earlier today, so the formatting might be a bit off. I still have to update the official 101 list after this post, but here it is... what you've been for for the past ??? months:

Finally some updates!

I know that it’s been forever since I posted. I have many updates as well as some changes I’d like to make to my list… I’m not necessarily cheating, but I decided to change some of my objectives and have since completed them. Here are the long overdue updates to my list:

1. Apply for a scholarship to a 4 year institution
Of course I need to be accepted to the institution first, but I believe that I have at least decided where I will be attending after I graduate from AACC. I’m planning to attend UMBC… either in the fall (2009) or perhaps next spring (2010) so that I can take a break and hopefully do a show or two.
6. Buy a “word of the day” calendar, and use each word in a sentence each day for two weeks
I just ordered my word of the day calendar and it should be arriving next week! Stay tuned on this one!
13. Complete my AA degree
I thought it would never happen, but I am just months away from finally completing my degree. There have been many hiccups along the way, but the end is within sight!
15. Get a Bose sound dock station for my iPod (4/19/08)
I got one of these for my birthday last year (yikes!), so this can be checked off.
19. Get an unplanned body treatment (facial, massage) while on vacation (3/2008)
I got a massage while on my Eastern Caribbean cruise over spring break last year, as well as some weird oil scalp treatment.
21. Get my arm tattoo removed - in process
This is still in process, although I was hoping that it would be done by now… I’ve now had 6 treatments and it is almost gone. I think that one or two more should do the trick.
22. Get my Phi Theta Kappa certificate framed
Honestly I have no idea where this thing disappeared!? I think I may end up changing this objective to “order new Phi Theta Kappa certificate.”
23. Give some of Dad’s cremains to Chez Lafitte
I haven’t spoken with the owner of Chez Lafitte for quite some time. I would still like to “share” him with the place that he used to perform, but I don’t know if too much time has passed. I’m going to try to stop by there one of these days (maybe after a day of cleaning in Denton) and talk to Elizabeth. If this doesn’t end up happening, I’m going to buy a decorative urn so that he’s not still hanging out in his cardboard box.
24. Go back to House Mountain Inn
I’m changing this to “Go to Fiddler’s Roost Cabins.” It’s a new place and I’d like to make new memories. HMI rooms cost 2 or 3 times as much as Fiddler’s Roost, and the cabins look adorable.
27. Go horseback riding
Planning on doing this at Fiddler’s Roost in Feb. 2009.
28. Go kayaking (3/2008)
I did an eco-tour in St. John during the Caribbean cruise in a sea kayak. It counts!
29. Go on a Caribbean Cruise (3/2008)
Did the Eastern Caribbean on Carnival Valor… visited Nassau (too hungover to get off the ship), St. John and St. Maarten. On the last night of the cruise, I performed as Madonna in front of a thousand people on their main stage. Yeah, I’m good.
30. Go out for karaoke with my coworkers
Well, only one of my coworkers was there… I’m going to try to do this one again, but if I can’t get more people out, I’m still going to check this one off.
33. Go swing dancing (1/2009)
I’m checking this one off – Jay bought me/us couples dance lessons for Christmas. On our first date he brought up wanting to learn Salsa and Swing. I suspected him of stalking me and finding my 101 list, but he still claims that he never knew of the list until I told him about it. Anyway, we’ve been taking lessons at Arthur Murray for a few weeks and are learning foxtrot, swing, salsa, merengue, rumba, club swing, cha cha and the waltz. (not necessarily in order of importance) Turns out we’re actually decent dancers… who woulda thunk a guy with size 14’s would be so good on his feet? He’s totally showing me up, I’ve gotta step up my game!
34. Go through old class books & notebooks (throw out or give away the ones I don’t need anymore) (8/2008)
I did this as I was packing to move to Federal Hill. It was both liberating and time-consuming going through all of that crap. Of course, I started reading all this material and remembering how interesting some of it was. So yes, I have quite a bit of that in storage now… but most of what I kept is psychology related, and I’ve decided that I’m going to go ahead and get my psych degree at UMBC.
37. Go to Little Havana for brunch with at least 10 friends (11/2008)
I can’t remember the weekend that we did this, but it was quite a crazy day. The night before, I stayed at Jay’s in DC and we were up until the wee hours of the night. Two of his roommates made the trip to Baltimore with us, so we got the whole ten needed. Those present were: me, Jay, Shaggy, Sheehan, Jen S., Tim, Mook, Drue, Niki, and Scott. Actually I have to thank Niki and Scott for coming especially, since they’d played a show in VA the night before and still managed to make it. That was very cool of them!
48. Hike Old Rag
Well, we planned for it. The whole month of October it had only rained one or two days, and of course it rained like crazy on the day we planned it. It will happen though!
50. Jog an entire mile without stopping to rest (sad as it is, I’ve never been able to do this) (8/2008)
Aided by NIN, All-American-Rejects, My Chemical Romance and Breaking Benjamin, I achieved this feat on a treadmill at my old apartment complex. Unfortunately after moving to Federal Hill, my running slacked off. The combination of uneven sidewalks, a new relationship and trying to pass my algebra class took over my will to keep up with running. When the weather warms up again, I intend to get back into it… I just can’t run outside if it’s below 50.
52. Learn to fly (complete a solo) (~6/2007)
I’m changing this to “take a flight lesson”, which I did at some point during the summer of 2007, can’t recall when. It’s too time and finance consuming right now, not to mention that I just really don’t care that much about it. It’s cool to say that I’ve flown a plane, but there are other hobbies that I would pursue before flying… I have a lot of interests that are more interesting and less expensive for me!

53. Learn to salsa (1/2009)
I’m learning most of the popular Latin dances at Arthur Murray – see # 33
75. Send Anthony a wedding present/card
I’m going to change this to either contact Anthony or change it to something completely different. Too much time has passed from when he got married and I don’t know if I have the correct address for him.
76. Send Cheryl and Megan pictures from Amanda’s wedding
Again, too much time has passed from Amanda’s wedding and I also lost the email addresses of those girls, so I might change this to upload pictures from various events and email the album links to the appropriate people.
84. Take Stefani to Ruth’s Chris for dinner
Well… Stef is now a vegetarian, so taking her to Ruth’s Chris probably would not be the greatest idea now. I’m going to have to find a new place to take her.
85. Take the MR2 for a weekend at the beach
After carefully reviewing my options, I decided that keeping the MR2 in the city is impractical and too expensive. So unfortunately, #85 is being changed from “take the MR2 for a weekend at the beach” to “Sell MR2”, which I did in November.
86. Travel to Australia and visit Aunt Nancy
This one may actually happen at the end of 2009 or maybe 2010. Flights aren’t as expensive as I thought, nor as long. I’ve decided that I’ll fly out to LAX, stay there for a few days and then fly to Australia. From the west coast, it’s only about 14 hours… that’s not too bad.

So that’s my update! I hope that I start getting better about updating it!