Monday, July 16, 2007

#58 Completed - electronically

I met with an advisor.... online, that is. I called to schedule an appointment with him, but then got a message saying that appointments were walk-in. So I emailed my advisor to give a rough outline of what I was trying to accomplish, and I found that my dummy algebra classes don't count towards my remaining 17 institutional credits. So, we had a virtual meeting... it saved time and gas, so I'm all for it. At any rate, what all of this means is that I will not have a life for the next year... no more happy hours or fun for me. I'll be taking 11 credits this fall and working full time... so please understand if I'm in a constant bad mood or don't feel like hanging out. :( It sucks, but I have to get it done... poor Brian is the one that will have to live with me. C'est la vie. OH! But French does count towards my credits, so I'll be working on #51 this way, at least. I'm still hoping to do that long weekend in Paris, but we'll see what happens.

Pray for me, I'm going to need it.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

#88 Completed, and I even enjoyed it!

On day 58 (that would be yesterday, 7/11) of my 1001 days, I tried scrapbooking... so, hurray!! 88. Try scrap booking (make at least one page) ... (sorry, I had to try that nifty strikethrough deal that Tiffany told me about at the 101 party.) My friend Kathy's daughter is turning 16 this month (which is crazy in itself, I remember when she was 9, now the girl is taller than me!!)… to celebrate her birthday, her mom is collecting scrapbook pages from her friends, family, etc. I made her a page from the cats, because it was something a little different from everyone else. :) I took a picture of it, I'll have to try to post it with this blog. Actually, I think that I'll begin posting pictures (if possible) of my 101 accomplishments. Tonight I'll go back and edit some of my earlier posts and add in the pics (done). That should be cool. Unfortunately, the only pic I have that shows me at Stonehenge is of the self-portrait variety. I think that Brian might have a copy, but I won't get it until he backs up his files on that hard-drive, too. That will be nice, because we'll finally be able to share pictures. I'm always good (at least I think I am) about sending him pics that I think he'll want, but where are MINE??? :-P I must train that boy!! Hmm, that should've been one of my 101.
Oh, but back to scrapbooking - it was actually FUN! I was so surprised that I enjoyed it, because I've been lacking creativity lately. The nice thing about scrapbooking is that if I decide to take it up, I will have a place for all of those little sentimental items that are hanging around.. Receipts from special dinners, notes, tickets from concerts, boarding passes… okay, well maybe not the boarding passes, I could probably fill up a whole scrapbook just with the boarding passes that I have at the moment. Especially the ones that are printed out first with my SA4P pass travel priority printed on them, before I get my seat assignment. Errr, that is IF I get my seat assignment. Seat assignments aside, this is how my first attempt turned out:

#58 (Meet with an advisor at AACC before 8/10/07 ) is almost complete as well. It turns out that the information that I need wasn't all that complicated. He emailed me back less than an hour after I asked him my questions... this was his response:
Hello Lauren, No problem with the lengthy email. I work from Noon to 8 PM on Tuesdays. The rest of the week my hours are 8:30 to 4:30. I'd be happy to help you if you need any assistance. Our records show that you need 17 more credits to reach the total of 60 that are required. Those 17 credits need to include: 3 cr general education computer technology, 4 cr general education LAB science, and 3 cr general education math. The remaining credits can be electives of your choosing (no Underwater Basket Weaving). Before you take your credit math course you need to complete Beginning Algebra (MAT 011) and Intermediate Algebra (MAT 012). You should have no trouble getting into Penn State-Lehigh. Hope this helps. Welcome back.>Mike
So, I'm waiting to hear back to see if those remedial algebra classes will count against those 17 extra credits that I need. If they don't, I'm kinda screwed, as that means that I will need to take two more electives in additon to graduate. Either way it ends up, the next year is going to be pretty tough. My plan right now is to take my beginning algebra & computer tech course this fall (total of 7 credits), physical lab science & intermediate algebra in the spring 08 semester, and then do one of those intensive mini-semesters at the beginning of the summer for my college algebra course. Full immersion is better anyway, I won't have time to do anything else. If I end up needing to take extra credits (if those MAT 012 & 013 classes don't count), I won't be able to finish until Fall 08. Which wouldn't kill me, but I'm already a little behind schedule. I sure wish that I'd planned this differently!! You know, actually done well after I graduated HS and have at least my BA by now. C'est la vie.

Oh, and my plan is to complete #4 tonight (back up my computer files)... I bought a 160 GB external hard drive last week that both Brian and I can back up our stuff on. It's small enough that it will fit in our fireproof safe, too. Hopefully I'll be making that post later. Don't count on it, though. ;)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

#63 completed

Read my Aunt Dede’s book - completed 6/30/07... I was able to finally finish reading my Aunt's book last weekend while I was sitting in airports or on planes for 24 hours, getting to or from Lafayette, LA. Her book was quite good! It isn't something I would probably read on my own, I prefer mystery, medical thriller and sci-fi type stuff (I'm a dork), but it held my interest very well. So much so that I would even recommend it to others, and not just because I'm her niece. ;) So I can honestly say that I enjoyed her book.

Tonight I am going to Sara's for her 101 list party! I can't wait!! :)