Wednesday, July 4, 2007

#63 completed

Read my Aunt Dede’s book - completed 6/30/07... I was able to finally finish reading my Aunt's book last weekend while I was sitting in airports or on planes for 24 hours, getting to or from Lafayette, LA. Her book was quite good! It isn't something I would probably read on my own, I prefer mystery, medical thriller and sci-fi type stuff (I'm a dork), but it held my interest very well. So much so that I would even recommend it to others, and not just because I'm her niece. ;) So I can honestly say that I enjoyed her book.

Tonight I am going to Sara's for her 101 list party! I can't wait!! :)


Jennifer Shylanski said...

What was your aunt's book about??

SB said...

I had soooo much fun with you at the party. Thanks for coming. I am looking forward to our next 101 girls gathering. :)