Friday, June 22, 2007

I think I'm going to have to modify #42

Going without using the internet would be nearly impossible for me, since I use it every day at work... so the only way that I could not use it would be during a vacation. I don't take many 2 week vacations! So I think that this will have to be modified to "go without using the internet for one week." That way is much more do-able. When I first posted my blog, I had planned on allowing myself to change up to 5 items on the list a year, because I don't want to be resistant to change. ;) Sometimes life circumstances change and doing something on your list becomes less important or relative. So consider this modification to be my first change of the year. I have 4 changes left until next May.


Aimless Wanderer said...

I have go without using my computer/internet at HOME for a week on my 101. I thought that was more feasible than no internet at all.

Jennifer S. said...

I believe that your doing the right thing by modifying that one. Good luck with all the others!