Thursday, June 14, 2007

First post!

Well, it's time to finally make my first post in this blog. I created it about a month ago, but due to my hectic life, I hadn't made any posts. I'm going to deem my official start date of my 101 as May 16th. As best as I can figure out with my horrific math skills, that means that I have until February 10, 2010 to complete this list - which will be 5 years and one day after Brian and I started dating. Today will mark day 31 of my 1001 days. I'd better get on the ball.
However, I began with May 16th because that is the approximate date of the creation of this blog, and it is also the day that I completed #55 - Make a checklist, chart or flow chart of household chores to make life easier. I made both a checklist AND a flow chart and it helped some before we left on vacation.
Both of us have been slacking since we've been home, though. "Real life" isn't much fun. #96 - Visit Stonehenge has also been completed, and I visited Stonehenge on May 28th (Memorial Day), the 13th day of my 1001. Not only did we visit Stonehenge, we were on the Stonehenge special access tour, where we were able to touch the stones and spend a good bit of time inside this ancient circle.
It was an experience that most people will never have, and it was expensive enough that I don't know if I would do it again, lol! The U.S. Dollar is in the toilet, especially compared to the pound. The Euro to US Dollar is bad enough, but British pounds are over double. It's crazy.
Anyway, here I go! This weekend I will complete # 2!

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