Wednesday, September 12, 2007

P.S. on vet visit & french class

Took the cats back for their check-up after having to use the ear mite stuff for a week (they hated me). In the course of that time, Draco came down with some kind of cold. Turns out he has some kind of infection/cold, so now I drop another hundred bucks on that visit, get some antibiotics and now I'm squirting this nasty stuff down both of their throats twice a day. Yup, they run from me every time they see me now!

And on the french class... I just can't seem to catch a break with my french teachers. The person originally scheduled to teach the class was highly rated on and myspace. Of course they ended up switching her at the last minute with some woman who's never taught before. No syllabus, no structure. It was terrible. After the second class with no syllabus and her saying it wasn't important, I complained to the department head. She cleaned up her act a little bit but she's still terrible. What makes it worse is that her first language isn't English OR French. She's Lebanese. So I guess her first language is Arabic?? All she has done is tried to concentrate on the pronunciation of the SOUNDS, without saying what they mean. And add to that, she's not even pronouncing them correctly. So I've been relying on reading the book on my own, since she can't seem to figure out how it goes together... and I've been listening to my French lessons in the car on my iPod. It's the only way I'm going to learn anything. So I'm doing my damndest. It just sucks that I actually want to learn now and I get a crappy teacher. Grr, grr, grr.


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Jennifer Shylanski said...

Hope the cats are doing better. That really stinks about the french teacher. You will never learn anything from her and she has to give all her student's A's now.