Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Change to # 95.

Okay, I'm making another change to my 101 list - 95. Visit SAT to see if I might like to live there is going to become "Visit the Lehigh Valley area to look at homes/neighborhoods/towns/cities for move in 2008." Or something like that. For some reason, I was under the impression that there was a chance that we might move to Texas (SAT is one of ExpressJet's branded hubs in San Antonio). The reason that we are moving is to be near base when Brian upgrades to Captain, so that being on reserve won't be as bad - he'll be able to spend time at home instead of sitting in a crash pad away from home. The job is hard enough on our relationship - the commuting just makes it worse. The other nice thing about living closer to base is our non-rev possibilities… no longer will we have to drive 3+ hours to EWR or pray that we will make those flights to and from BWI that are frequently canceled. All we have to do is drive ~1 hour to EWR and hop on a direct flight to the city of our choosing (of course, that is provided there are open seats). No more connections to worry about! Anyway, the ultimate plan is probably going to be to get on with Southwest, which will mean moving back to MD in a few years. I was pushing him towards Continental, so we can keep the international travel benefits, haha. We'll still have them through interline travel, but it will be a bigger pain than we have right now. So we're just going to try to get our major travel done in the next few years (i.e. Japan, Australia, and hopefully South Africa), before kids and while we're young. Once kids come into the picture, we won't be jetting off to Paris for the weekend! We haven't exactly jetted off to Paris for the weekend yet, but hopefully we will soon. ;-) When we do jet off to Paris, it will most likely be in November or December of this year. So that will take care of #91 and will be a test for whether or not I've completed #51.

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