Wednesday, September 12, 2007

#38 - Whitewater Rafting (day 111)

Awesome experience. I can't wait to go back! The Class IV rapids were almost too easy, but I think that was in large part to our guide being so fantastic. I'm sure that we would've taken a swim once or twice if it weren't for his knowledge of the river. We've decided that we're going to try the Cheat River in WV first - it's supposed to be a good introduction to Class V rapids. It's mostly Class IV and V rapids. The only problem is that it isn't dam-released like the Youghiogeny, so it can only be run in the spring. Can we say cold? So I look like a dork in the picture with my mouth hanging open. C'est la vie.

Well, I noticed that I accomplished my 10th item on day 111, so I'm more or less on-schedule for my 101 things. I figure that I should complete about 10 things every 100 days to stay on track. So far, so good!

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