Monday, November 12, 2007

Batteries and brokerage

10. Buy another battery for my digital camera (Day 172)

My battery finally came in… it wasn't cheap, either! I think I paid $30 for the damn thing. I haven't had the chance to use it yet, but I imagine that it works. ;) Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to use it next month in Paris. Speaking of which, I don't know if Brian will be going with me or not.. As it looks now, he won't be - he was able to get off on Christmas, but not for that weekend. We're going to try to trade for the best trip(s) possible for that time period and then advertise it with some cash incentives! Hopefully someone will pick it up and we'll be able to go. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

59. Open a brokerage account and start investing – including transferring my WTC stock (Day 182)

This is as good as done (so I'm checking it off)… since it's a federal holiday and every other bank but ours is closed, I decided to rebel and open this account today. Actually what prompted me to open it was that I was looking at ExpressJet's stock price and thinking "wow, under $3 a share?? That's gotta go up soon!" So I figure I can buy a hundred or so shares now and get a nice return. Capital gains be damned! Anyway, advertised right next to the stock price was "100 trades free" with E*TRADE. Plus I like their commercials. Okay, well I know that's a bad reason.. Anyway, I think the 100 trades free only pertained to accounts over $50,000… which I don't have…. Yet. At any rate, I'm overnighting them my WTC stock certificates and I've also filled out the paperwork to transfer my prudential stock holdings at computershare. I'm trying to get my finances a little more straightened out… or at least get all of my stock (except for my 401k) in the same place. Right now I have securities in two different places. Along the same lines, two months ago I opened up a high-yield savings account through WT Direct - it's my company's internet bank. Of course when I first opened it, they were offering 5.15%, now it's down to 5.06%... I think they started at 5.25%. Anyway, I'm moving some money around since I have this E*TRADE account now. My Bank of America CD matures next April.. I'm probably going to take some of that and put it in the E*TRADE account… I'll put the rest in my WT Direct account. It's a higher yield.
Hopefully I'll get some juicy stock tips and buy a bunch of shares of the next Google. :)

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