Sunday, July 7, 2013

101 in 1001 - The 2013 Edition

I've come up with a new 101 list... my old 101 list can be found here. 

Start Date: Sunday, July 7, 2013

End Date: Sunday, April 3, 2016

  1. Make my new 101 list (it's nice to have something to check off right away, isn't it?)
  2. Find the perfect mojito recipe (preferably from Fish D'vine)
  3. Use a "word of the day" in a sentence every day for two weeks (or longer)
  4. Get my wedding ring re-sized (it was too small to begin with)
  5. Buy a map and put pins in the locations where I've left a little of Dad
  6. Use one week of our timeshare in a place other than the DR
  7. Go camping
  8. Go fishing
  9. Go crabbing
  10. Go horseback riding with Rancho Lorilar in the Dominican Republic
  11. Attend one of the monthly USA Dance  events (or something comparable)
  12. Go to a murder mystery dinner theatre
  13. Raft a Class V river
  14. Climb a rock wall
  15. Go without eating out for two weeks
  16. Have a yard sale
  17. Have my aunt Mary over for dinner
  18. Hike Old Rag
  19. Complete the Couch 25K program
  20. Sign up for a 5K race - then do it
  21. Swim 1000 yards
  22. PADI Open Water SCUBA diver certification
  23. PADI Advanced Open Water SCUBA diver certification
  24. Come up with a weekly housecleaning list
  25. Make a filing system for all of my important documents
  26. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up or figure out my degree path
  27. Drink bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape from 2006 France trip (hope it's still good)
  28. Make a photobook of Australia and New Zealand trip
  29. Set up a computer with photo editing software
  30. Frame and hang one or more of my own photos
  31. Look into providing photos for Shutterstock
  32. Select photos and apply to be a juried photographer at the Foundry
  33. Fence in entire backyard
  34. Can tomatoes from my own garden
  35. Re-learn how to play Chess
  36. Spend a weekend in NYC
  37. See a Broadway show
  38. Send Aunt Nancy thank you gift 
  39. Send Chris and Sally thank you gift
  40. Make gluten-free bread
  41. Design egg carton to sell/giveaway eggs
  42. Take an impromptu trip to the beach (for the day or weekend)
  43. Make a batch of wine
  44. Meet up with Nancy and Darryl in Germany or Austria
  45. Visit Key West (maybe even for Fantasy Fest)
  46. Meet up with my cousin Emily - either in Boise or elsewhere
  47. Write a letter to the editor
  48. Plan a visit to South America
  49. Take a two-week vacation (or longer)
  50. Write up TripAdvisor reviews for 5 places/things in OZ and/or NZ
  51. Sign up to be a Foodie pen pal at least once
  52. Write a magazine-worthy essay or short story
  53. Send out Christmas cards (hopefully every year)
  54. Find a cool glass bottle to display my Whitehaven Beach sand
  55. Spread some of Dad at Martinak State Park
  56. Buy a brick for the FACES building
  57. Plan and organize a WCCC meeting
  58. Go on a sailing adventure
  59. Eat a rooster that wakes me up too early
  60. Make Jay a new mug
  61. Spend a day technology-free
  62. Plant hardy perennials in front garden
  63. Get rid of red couch and chair
  64. 10,000 steps a day for two weeks straight
  65. Do a liveaboard trip or cruise vacation
  66. Use Chase Sapphire points for a vacation
  67. Sell/giveaway laying hens
  68. Sell eggs from our flock (hopefully enough to sustain price of feed)
  69. Make brownies from scratch and share recipe on blog
  70. Visit Nancy and Darryl in Australia again
  71. Decide if finishing my degree in OZ is a viable option
  72. Visit Kathy's store Bead Soup
  73. Send Renee and Joanne souvenirs from vacation
  74. Enter something in the county or state fair
  75. Try out paddleboarding
  76. Decide if buying a boat is right for us
  77. Try out oil pulling for at least a month
  78. Successfully grow a plant from seed
  79. Research and buy a new car
  80. Dive a wreck
  81. Go to the Dry Tortugas
  82. Have a fabulous time at Christina and Dan's wedding
  83. Make lemonade from scratch
  84. Stay at a bed and breakfast
  85. Go to pony penning
  86. Have a gait analysis done and buy proper running shoes
  87. Watch a meteor shower
  88. Send a message in a bottle
  89. Harvest pecans from our tree
  90. Finish painting privacy fence
  91. Go on a last-minute vacation 
  92. Bring in fresh flowers to work for a month
  93. Give someone a gift for being awesome
  94. Attend a literary supper
  95. Attend Second Saturdays at the Foundry at least twice a year
  96. Make Maryland Beaten Biscuits
  97. Go vegetarian for a week
  98. Perfectly cook salmon
  99. Grow herbs inside
  100. Put up blackout curtains in bedrooms
  101. Spend an entire afternoon reading in the hammock

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