Monday, July 1, 2013

My Original 101 List

Life is what happens while we're making other plans.

Below is my original 101 list...

I will post my final updates to it as of July 1, 2013 - way after I was supposed to be finished. 

I'm coming up with a new 101 list and will post it in the coming days and weeks.

lauren's 101 list

Start date: May 16, 2007
End date: February 10, 2010

1. Apply for a scholarship to a 4 year institution
I never accomplished this, however I'm accepted to UMUC whenever I finally transfer my credits from AACC and register for classes.

2. Attend my 2nd cousins’ Christening & Emma’s birthday party in MA - COMPLETED 6/16/07

3. Audition for at least one show or film

I never accomplished this, although I don't think that I would have the time for it these days!
4. Back up my computer files - COMPLETED 8/14/2007

5. Beat Brian at a video game in an arcade - COMPLETED 10/15/2007

6. Buy a “word of the day” calendar, and use each word in a sentence each day for two weeks

Never accomplished this, but I like it. This may go on my new list.
7. Buy a birdfeeder (and utilize it)

Never did this and I'm not sure that I want to attract most of the birds that live in my neighborhood!
8. Buy a house

With as much money as we spent fixing up the one we have, we pretty much bought one. We do have a mortgage now, so I will count this as completed.
9. Buy an original piece of artwork

I've done this a few times
10. Buy another battery for my digital camera - COMPLETED 11/1/07

Of course now I have a DSLR, plus an extra battery and a growing collection of lenses. ;)
11. Change a diaper (sounds gross, but I’ve never done it!) - COMPLETED 6/16/07

12. Clean out Denton house
Completed, and I live there now!
13. Complete my AA degree

Completed in 2009.
14. Find the perfect margarita recipe

My girlfriends and I did this a while ago. Oddly enough, it contained beer!
15. Get a Bose sound dock station for my iPod - completed

16. Get a Brazilian wax - Completed 1/8/08 (not a true wax, but I'm getting a Brazilian laser treatment, close enough!)

17. Get a fish tank

Not sure if I really want to do this anymore.
18. Get a professional head shot done

If/when I complete #3, I'll do this.
19. Get an unplanned body treatment (facial, massage) while on vacation

I've done this a few times
20. Get my “dad” ring re-sized

I've never had it resized, but I've gained weight so now it fits. :-P I rarely wear it, sadly.
21. Get my arm tattoo removed - in process

That puppy is GONE! Most people can't tell it was ever there. Of course since then, I've gotten a new tattoo... however, I now know to think about what I'm putting on my body and to put it somewhere that it can be easily covered up.
22. Purchase new Phi Theta Kappa certificate

I have no idea how to do this. However, my AACC diploma has my Phi Theta Kappa seal and Magna Cum Laude designation.
23. Find new container for Dad

He's happy where he is, I think. However, I've made it my goal to spread a little of him whenever I go on vacation.
24. Go back to House Mountain Inn

There are more exciting places to go!
25. Go camping in Shenandoah

I think I've been camping there and other places since I came up with this.
26. Go fishing

I went fishing a few years ago... but it's going on my new list.
27. Go horseback riding - completed

Done this a few times as well... planning to go again later this year.
28. Go kayaking - Completed

29. Go on a Caribbean Cruise - Completed

I went on another cruise in February 2012.
30. Go out for karaoke with my coworkers

Did this at a sketchy bar in Federal Hill while I was still living there.
31. Go see a dermatologist

Never did this, although I don't think I have any suspicious moles.
32. Go see the Orioles play in another ballpark

Meh. I'll do it someday, but it's not that important.
33. Go swing dancing - completed

Jay and I took ballroom dancing classes
34. Go through old class books & notebooks (throw out or give away the ones I don’t need anymore) - completed

35. Go to a murder mystery dinner theatre

I still want to do this
36. Go to a play at my old high school - completed

37. Go to Little Havana for brunch with at least 10 friends - completed

38. Go white water rafting - COMPLETED 9/1/2007

39. Go without caffeine for a week

I've done this a few times
40. Go without eating out or getting take-out for a week

I'm pretty sure that I've done this as well
41. Go without eating sweets for an entire week (i.e. cake, cookies, candy bar)

I definitely did this when I was on Atkins
42. Go without using the internet for one week (modified from 2 weeks on 6/22/07)

I almost did this when I went to Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately there are just some things that you need the internet for, like checking bank balances while you're away and making sure bills get paid!
43. Hang out with my grandfather and talk about his life experiences (record them if possible)

Not sure if/when I'll do this. It's complicated.
44. Have a yard sale

I need to do this!
45. Have my aunt Mary over for dinner

I still want/need to do this!
46. Have my teeth professionally whitened

Any kind of whitener I've used has made my teeth hurt. I'll pass
47. Have the rough draft of a paper written two weeks before its due in class

No longer applicable!
48. Hike Old Rag

This is going on my new list
49. Host a game night

I've done this
50. Jog an entire mile without stopping to rest (sad as it is, I’ve never been able to do this) - completed

Did this when I was running regularly, but I'm going to do the Couch25k program.
51. Learn French (enough to be able to get through a day in Paris unassisted) - Completed 12/8/07

52. Take a flight lesson - completed

53. Learn to salsa - completed

54. Learn to ski - completed 1/26/08 (or thereabouts)

Yup, learned to ski and I hated it. Skiing is not for me.
55. Make a checklist, chart or flow chart of household chores to make life easier - COMPLETED 5/16/07

I need to get back into this so that we can keep the house clean.
56. Make a filing system for all of my important documents

Still need to do this
57. Make it to work on-time for an entire week – including having my make-up on when I arrive - completed for two weeks in a row, made it in early and the trend has continued! 2/2008

58. Meet with an advisor at AACC before 8/10/07 (to plan remaining schedule of classes) - COMPLETED 7/12/07

59. Open a brokerage account and start investing – including transferring my WTC stock - COMPLETED 11/12/07

Haha! This account now has $4 in it. Turns out I'm shitty at picking stocks. I'll stick with my 401k and leave the stock choosing to the professionals!
60. Open Champagne from France trip in 2006 - Completed 12/31/07

My new list will have open my chateauneuf du pape from my 2006 France trip on it.
61. Print out pictures from digital images and organize pictures into albums

My new goal is to make a photobook from my latest trip
62. Read “Driven to Distraction”

Apparently my ADD was too much to overcome, lol
63. Read my Aunt Dede’s book - completed 6/30/07

64. Re-learn how to play Chess

Still want to do this
65. Rent a Dragon boat and paddle around the harbor

Never did this
66. Ride a mechanical bull (I stole this idea from someone, but I wanna do it!)

Did this in my wedding dress on 12/11/10!
67. Ride the Ducks in a new city

I almost did this
68. See a drag show (where they use their real voices, not one of those fake ones)

Most drag shows are lip synched, it's hard to find one of these. However, I've been to a real drag show!
69. See Les Miserables on Broadway

Didn't get to this
70. See Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

Didn't get to this either
71. See the Redskins play the Cowboys both at home and away
I've become less of a football fan... I still enjoy watching it, but since I don't play fantasy anymore, it's lost some of the appeal

72. Sell Denton house
Well this never happened and I don't know if/when we'll ever sell it!
73. Send a letter or email to 3 people that I haven’t been in regular touch with - completed through facebook/myspace

74. Send a postcard to the owner of Le Voltaire Hotel in Arles

Yeah I never did this. Nancy went back and he didn't recognize her, so I won't even bother.
75. Send Rebecca a wedding present/card

Since she's had her first child and has been married for ~4 years, I would say that it's a little late for this.
76. Send Cheryl and Megan pictures from Amanda’s wedding

I don't even have their email addresses anymore.
77. Set work-out goals (i.e. 45 minutes of cardio 3x a week) and stick to them for at least one month - completed because of workout results during summer 2008, lost over 10 lbs

I've done well with this off and on over the years. 
78. Sing karaoke with a local celebrity

Done, kinda
79. Take a cooking class - completed, or close enough through ongoing fun in the kitchen

80. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park

Meh. Maybe one day
81. Take a yoga class

I used to go nearly every saturday morning at the Y. Need to get back into it.
82. Take an impromptu weekend trip (changed from an impromptu weekend trip to Europe on 9/26/08)

Changing this to impromptu beach weekend
83. Take Piper to get the rest of her shots in 2007 - COMPLETED - 8/27/2007

84. Take Stefani to Ruth’s Chris for dinner

Stef went vegetarian, met a guy, we had a falling out, etc, etc. Now I see her every once in a while. Maybe I can add this back on with a variation.
85. Sell MR2 - completed

86. Travel to Australia and visit Aunt Nancy

Well I just did this finally. :) Can't wait to go back!
87. Try electrolysis or laser hair removal - began treatments on ~1/8/08

Did laser hair removal. Should have spaced treatments out farther apart.
88. Try scrap booking (make at least one page) - Completed 7/11/07

Ugh, I am just not the scrapbooking type. Although I do like making photobooks. Anything that involves glue just seems too sticky.
89. Visit a winery in Maryland - completed

I'm not a big fan of Maryland wines. There. I said it.
90. Visit Disney World

My kids will be lucky if I ever take them.
91. Visit France again - Completed 12/8/07

I'm going to be changing this to visit Germany. I think that's next on our list.
92. Visit Key West again - completed

I need to get back there. This is going to get on my list
93. Visit Lake Tahoe again

Meh. Don't really care about Tahoe.
94. Visit my cousin Emily in Boise

I'd still like to do this, I just need to get my shit in order.
95. Visit Lehigh Valley, PA area to see if I might like to live there (changed from San Antonio, TX to Lehigh Valley, PA on 9/12/07) - COMPLETED 9/16/07 (SO GLAD THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN!)

96. Visit Stonehenge - COMPLETED 5/28/07

97. Visit the Air & Space Museum in Dulles

I'd still like to do this
98. Visit the Baltimore Aquarium

99. Walk or bike the B&A trail around BWI

I've walked some of it
100. Watch the sun rise and set in the same day over the ocean

I'm pretty sure I've done this once or twice, at least I did it on the Whitsunday Getaway... although that was the Tasman Sea. Hmm.
101. Write a letter to the editor

I'd still like to do this sometime.

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