The 101 List

Lauren’s 2016 101 List

Start date: July 18, 2016
End date: April 15, 2019

Doing Good
1.              Send Aunt Nancy thank you gift 
2.              Write a letter to the editor
3.              Participate in a Food Stamp Challenge each year during 101 list (1/3)
4.              Be a relentlessly positive person for an entire week
5.              Draft MGAS administration policy
6.              Find a cause that I love and donate money or volunteer my time
7.              Spend a day volunteering – Habitat for Humanity, Soup Kitchen, etc.
8.              Pay it forward – pay for a stranger’s coffee or lunch at least once per year of 101 (2 of 3 complete)
9.              Send at least three birthday cards during 101 list (1 of 3)
10.          Send a positive message in a bottle


11.          Decide if I'm going to get my Bachelors in Business Admin and sign up to do it
12.          Participate in a Lady Caroline’s Players Production
13.          Read at least three non-fiction books (not Kindle or audiobook) during 101 list  (1/3)
14.          Take a one month Facebook vacation 
15.          Try out toastmasters
16.          Pass my Series 66
17.          Take a day off of work, get a massage, and enjoy a quiet day by myself
18.          Determine cost basis for my two lonely MTB shares
19.          Get a new headshot
20.          Update my LinkedIn profile
21.          Send in a secret to Postsecret 

Family Life
22.          Go ballroom dancing
23.          Meet up with my cousin Emily - either in Boise or elsewhere
24.          Go camping (completed, I think)
25.          Go fishing
26.          Go crabbing
27.          Make Jay a new mug
28.          Take Markface on a glass bottom boat ride
29.          Decide on our next vehicle for when Roxie (Civic with 300k+ miles) finally dies
30.          Take Markface to the National Zoo
31.          Take Markface to at least three sessions of swimming lessons during list
32.          Get Loki more training – whether private or a public obedience class
33.          Visit my second cousin Linda in NC, spend at least a weekend there
34.          Come up with a food storage plan/supplies for our family for 2+ weeks
35.          Have an emergency plan for Zombie Apocalypse or Weather Event
36.          Come up with a regular date night plan

37.          Use our timeshare at a sister resort (not in the DR or Mexico)
38.          Spend a weekend in NYC
39.          Plan a visit to South America 
40.          Go on a last-minute vacation 
41.          Take a two-week vacation
42.          Write 10 new reviews on TripAdvisor  (11/10 as of 07/17/17 - overachiever!)
43.          Go on a 3 (or more) night girl's trip and act totally ridiculous at least one night
44.          Go on a book club trip (Debbie must be there!!)
45.          Spend a fun weekend in DC with Angela and Tiffany
46.          Visit at least five UNESCO world Heritage Sites during 101 list (2/5)
47.          Blog about each UNESCO site I visit (0/5)
48.          Plan a trip to the Outer Banks

Fun, Games, Art, Adventure
49.          Attend a murder mystery dinner theatre (I acted in it!)
50.          Go whitewater rafting (preferably Class V)
51.          Re-learn how to play Chess (Jay kicked my ass)
52.          See a Broadway show
53.          Go on a sailing adventure (take a sailing course if possible, even for one day)
54.          Watch the Eurovision awards in 2017 and host an impromptu Eurovision party in OZ
55.          Do an Escape Room adventure
56.          Attend a Plein Air event (bonus points for participating)
57.          Decide on my next tattoo – location and art

Scuba Diving
58.          Obtain a new PADI certification- (Aquarium Diver)
59.          Go diving in the Baltimore National Aquarium
60.          Dive a wreck 
61.          Get to 50 dives (20 @ time of list) by the end of this 101 list (current 34)
62.          Try out diving at Dutch Springs

Fitness / Health

63.          Hike Old Rag 
64.          Commit to using Lose It regularly for at least 3 months 
65.          Go one week without coffee and/or caffeine
66.          Go one week without eating anything sweet or using sugar

Food, Eating, and Cooking
67.          Make another batch of wine
68.          Make Maryland Beaten Biscuits
69.          Make at least six attempts to duplicate Sara’s favorite pasta sauce
70.          Have brunch at Miss Shirley’s
71.          Dinner with Jay at Charleston in Baltimore (tasting menu w/ wine)
72.          Learn how to make croissants
73.          Make rainbow cookies
74.          Make fresh lemonade from scratch

House, Home, Garden
75.          Have a yard sale or take a load to the auction
76.          Can tomatoes or sauce from my garden
77.          Get rid of blue couch 
78.          Rearrange furniture in reading nook and downstairs
79.          Successfully grow a plant from seed
80.          Grow herbs inside
81.          Help Jay design & assemble outdoor fire pit area
82.          Frame trip photos and decide where to hang them in our house 
83.          Print and frame pics of at least ten new friends/family to hang in hallway
84.          Buy a lawnmower & fire our lawn guy
85.          Build a backyard deck
86.          Decide if we want to sell our house
87.          Plant annuals at least once during 101 list
88.          Hatch chicks from eggs – make this the start of my RIR & EE flock
89.          Find a place that will butcher our chickens for us
90.          Research solar panels or a generator for power loss
91.          Clean out closets in all bedrooms
92.          Make a donation at least once a year to Purple Heart (1 of 3)

93.          Make a filing system for all of my important documents
94.          Spread some of Dad at Martinak State Park (completed)
95.          Spread some of Dad at Adkins Arboretum
96.          Visit Kathy's store Bead Soup
97.          Enter something in the county or state fair
98.          Get some mats so that I can make my Etsy listings look prettier
99.          Buy a new DSLR
100.       Post at least 20 updates a year to blog/101 list
101.       Make a new 101 list by the end of old one

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