Monday, October 10, 2016

Updates in Progress

Here is what I'm working on currently: 

16.          Pass my Series 66

I've signed up to take my Series 66 test. I'm slightly freaking out about finding the time to study for it. I'm taking it on November 28th, after the long Thanksgiving weekend. I'm hoping that the four day weekend gives me a little extra prep time and gets me in the right frame of mind before the test. Since I'm traveling to Cancun less than two weeks later, I think that will be a nice time to celebrate passing my test. The Power of Positive thinking - I WILL pass it.

29.          Decide on our next vehicle for when Roxie (Civic with 300k+ miles) finally dies

This might actually be more for my husband's truck instead. We have made a lot of repairs to it over the past few months and each time we fix it, something else goes wrong. He did the brakes & rotors and was happy to finally have it in good working order. Then the starter went up on it. He fixed that and now the power steering went up on it. So we are thinking of trading it in and maybe getting a new or certified pre-owned truck.

66.          Go one week without eating anything sweet or using sugar

This was started today. I was going to attempt to also not have caffeine this week, but that was just too much at once. 

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