Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Free of Facebook

Self Improvement

14. Take a one month break from Facebook

At 9:45 a.m. today, August 24th, I deleted the Facebook app from my phone. I wasn't planning to delete it so suddenly and was thinking of taking my break closer to election day.

That said, I made the mistake of replying to a comment. As a rule, I generally don't respond to anything on Facebook that is remotely political. However, I will speak out against hate and racism.

Someone had posted on a friend's Facebook share of a news article about Muslims protesting ISIS. I think they said something like "Too little too late." So I asked why white men aren't protesting mass shootings in the United States, since they seem to be the ones causing them. Since the people posting like to lump together an entire group of people, perhaps they would understand my point. 

Of course that was my mistake. Logic is not strong with these people. Fear and hate are the only things they understand.

My sarcasm was lost, and some other nutjob started going off about black on black crime and all sorts of other nonsense (hmm... wasn't this story about Muslims?). I was determined to be a "gun grabbing liberal" of course. 

In less than a minute, Mr. USMC had posted three replies to my one comment. 

Why waste my breath explaining that shockingly enough, we own guns. That's when I decided that instead of getting into a Facebook war with someone that I didn't know that I would do the sanest thing imaginable. 

What would piss him off more than anything? A Block. Oh no, why can't you see my comment anymore or your incredibly thoughtful replies? Oops! Go ahead and rant away! You sure told me good. I must have deleted my comment after reading yours. 

After that, I deleted my Facebook app.

Before >:(

After :)

Whenever I see someone post that they're taking a break from Facebook or that they're deleting Facebook, it irritates me. I prefer to make mine a clean break with no announcement. Since I'm tired of Facebook, do I really need to explain to my "friends" that I'm taking a break? 

Since I do love the moms group and my book club group, I downloaded the Groups app, but gone is the Facebook app along with the people that I need to block, hide, and unfollow. No more "like and share" posts, no more bullshit stories from extreme media outlets, no more clickbait. No more drama.  

It feels good.

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