Thursday, October 17, 2013

I graduated

#19 is completed. 

My next run will be the entire 5k. 

I'll be taking it VERY slowly. After that run, I'm planning to do several shorter runs. I'm planning on going back to structured intervals - 90 seconds of running with 60 seconds of walking. 

I definitely wouldn't say that I'm at the peak of my health. But maybe I'll get back to my peak in a few more months if I keep up the running. 


Aimless Wanderer said...

Congrats, lady! Was your last run 30 min with no breaks? One of my C25k podcasts had a run that was 20-5-20 and it really helped my endurance and 5k time. I actually preferred running it over 30 min.

Lauren said...

Now I see your comment! For some reason this blog doesn't tell me when people comment. Sorry!

Well it was supposed to be 30 minutes with no breaks, but I couldn't make it that long. The longest I've been able to do without a break is about 15 minutes. There were a few breaks in my training that screwed me up. I have no endurance!

Aimless Wanderer said...

I'm sure you have WAY more endurance than you did 8 weeks ago!!!