Saturday, March 15, 2008

I need to make a new 101 goal

That would be to keep up with updating my blog! There are a bunch of things that I need to cross off and make a post about, but I guess it hasn't been high on my priority list. I can currently cross off about another 5 things from my list, and probably 5 more after next week (caribbean cruise, body treatment on vacation, watching sun rise & set {if not on cruise, then in key west for sure}, kayaking, etc.). I'll also be going back to Key West the 2nd weekend in April, where I will hopefully ride a mechanical bull, sing karaoke with a local celebrity, and see a drag show. I think there are a few more on there, but I can't recall what they are right now. I think I'm also going to start working on that goal of running a mile without stopping. One of my coworkers goes running a few times a week before lunch and has been trying to get me to go for a while now. Mostly I'm just too embarrassed for other people to see how out of shape I am! I'm by no means fat, I just can't run for some reason. I couldn't even run a mile when I was a kid - and I was SUPER active. I don't get it.

Anyway... I think I'll cross off some things that I've done, and I'll post about them later. Only problem is that I'm not sure of the dates. Hmm. Oh well!

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