Thursday, January 3, 2008

#60 Completed and a few updates

60. Open Champagne from France trip in 2006 - Completed 12/31/07

I figured what better time than New Year's Eve to open a bottle of champagne? I was hoping to open it for an engagement, upgrade, or buying a house, but I got too impatient!! It was good champagne, but unfortunately I put it in the freezer a little too long before opening it. Oops. C'est la vie!! However, I did purchase another bottle of champagne while we were in France last month... it's a bottle of Moet rose champagne... I've never had a rose champagne before and I'm looking forward to drinking it!

Other updates:

16. Get a Brazilian wax

See number 87!

21. Get my arm tattoo removed

Today I finally spoke with someone at Monarch Medspa... I contacted them probably 6 months ago or more, but never made much of an effort to inquire about their services. I knew that they were running a few specials and packages, one of them being 30% off tattoo removal. Knowing how long I've put this off and knowing that if I'd just started it a year ago, it would probably be gone by now, I wasted no time in making an appointment. It begins on Tuesday, 1/8/08. Wish me luck!!

29. Go on a Caribbean Cruise

Departing on March 23rd (not quite booked yet, but we've decided at least!) for 7 days... going to Nassau, St. Maarten and St. Thomas. Can't wait! :)

54. Learn to ski
I told Brian that if he wanted me to go on his friends' ski trip on the weekend of our 3rd anniversary, he has to teach me how to ski. He thinks that I'll get too frustrated my first time and it won't be as fun for me... so we're going earlier by ourselves! On MLK Day weekend, I will be falling on my ass repeatedly. Hopefully I won't break any bones and I'll be able to check this one off. Who knows, maybe I'll love it so much that I'll become a ski bunny and start jetting off to Colorado instead of Europe on the weekends. ;)

78. Sing karaoke with a local celebrity
Well, Niki Barr is going to be my local celebrity... I had a drunken conversation with her after a show one night and I think I told her that I wanted to sing karaoke with her. So, I guess that's a start...

87. Try electrolysis or laser hair removal
I figured that as long as I was doing laser tattoo removal, I should just kill two birds with one stone and try lasering some other parts of my body. Angela has raved about her laser hair removal and claims that it doesn't hurt too much, so I've been inspired by her. The special they had for hair removal was to buy one treatment & get the second half-off. Bikini and underarm. Yep. For bikini, they have "bikini" and "full." Bikini is just the basic bikini and full is everything else... yeah... brazillian. So, I'm not quite sure if I'm going to do the full brazillian or leave a little something there. I think the latter... Tiffany said she read that someone had buyer's remorse. We'll see, I guess.

92. Visit Key West again
The plan is to head down to Key West 3 days before our cruise in March... Niki is playing, so that will probably be my karaoke opportunity. Any requests?

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Jennifer Shylanski said...

Glad to see that you finally updated your blog. I was beginning to think that you were holding off for some major update. Although I am sure working your butt off and going to school can count toward being to busy. Oh plus you have to add the holiday season in there too. Let me know how the laser hair removal goes. I been waiting to try that or atleast see if it I could afford it.