Wednesday, August 22, 2007

#4 Officially complete... with 3 more items in the works!

4. Back up my computer files DONE! The back-up process took 12 hours... I think that it's partially because the laptop kept going into sleep mode. I may change the way that I backed things up, though... I just used the software that came with the drive, so it backed up all of my programs and everything else... I was more concerned with just backing up my pictures, documents & music. Oh well... at least it's finished. Hopefully I can keep that up to date!
38. Go white water rafting - I will be doing this next Sunday! We're rafting the Youghiogheny in a little over a week. :) We're also going camping, so I just ordered the tent from Amazon... I figure (hope) that we'll be camping more frequently. I haven't decided what to do with the cats yet - I haven't emailed our pet sitter!

51. Learn French (enough to be able to get through a day in Paris unassisted) - I will be starting on this journey next Tuesday. My French class begins then... just bought my books for all of my classes... it was almost $500 for all of my books. I still have to buy a graphing calculator, too!

83. Take Piper to get the rest of her shots in 2007 - I am taking both Piper and Draco to the vet next Monday (27th) to get all of their shots. I'm a bad mommy, I've never taken them to the vet!! They're both fixed and Draco had all of his shots when we adopted him, but Piper still needed her rabies and distemper shots. They'll be real happy with me when we're done, I'm sure!!

I was just thinking of when I'm going to complete #60 - Open Champagne from France trip in 2006. There are 3 occasions that would be worth opening that bottle up in the next year - Brian upgrading to Captain, us getting engaged, and buying a house. If I had to bet, I would say that we will be opening it for Brian's upgrade. I guess at that time we'll decide whether to open it when we get the news or after he passes his checkride. Hmmm.


Aimless Wanderer said...

Your #38 is my #73. Am jealous!! Your weekend will also be my #50. I like that area....if you have some free hours you should drive up to Kentuck Knob or Falling Water. Amazing properties!

Jennifer Shylanski said...

Yeah we get to #38 together! Hehe! I hope you get to open that bottle of chamgpne really soon. Hopefully for the engagement part as well.